Load outs

Each mission will have to be handled a bit differently and as such, the agent will need to create "load outs" of equipment before embarking on a mission. If the player forgets to do this, they will start the mission with a default load out.

How will it work?

The player will go to the armory in the operations area of the facility and will pick the equipment they wish to take on their next mission. Ultimately, we would also like to have the ability to save preset load outs as well. The agent will only be able to carry/wear so much stuff.

Load outs may include picking:

  • Type of armor - Some armor will be more resistant to certain types of damage (such as fire retardant armor, shock resistant armor, non-corrosive armor, etc.)
  • Primary weapon - Some missions will call for some heavy artillery and others will require something less subtle. Don't let the word "weapon" misguide you. Sometimes your primary object won't even be a weapon at all.
  • Secondary weapon - When you're all out of ammo on those run-and-gun missions, a pistol can save your life. On other non-violent missions, you may want to have a small device (such as a motion radar) to help you.

From there, the player will be able to customize their armor with utility slots. There will likely be only one or two utility slots so choose wisely!
Ammo pouches - Hold more ammo
Grenades - Be able to carry a couple of grenades.
Throwing Knives - Be a bad ass knife thrower if you want. Sure is a lot quieter than those grenades.
Plastic Explosives - May need to blast our way through something or set up a trap.
Decoy Emitters - Need an SCP to think you are somewhere else? Set up one of these timed emitters to go off and distract them.

The player will always have a combat knife on them for melee attacks and for cutting stuff. They will also have some kind of way to contain SCP's (handcuffs, a high-tech box of some sort, rope, etc.)

Some Weapon Customization

Some weapons will be able to be outfitted with a flashlight, certain scopes, and laser targeting systems.

How will I know what to pick?

For most missions, you won't know for sure on what load out to use. It will depend on what information is available for the mission briefing and what you pay attention to. Don't worry, though! If you pick the wrong load out, you will just die and wake up on that same day again! Learn from your mistakes!