This page will list and explain current plans and ideas for the Site 37 SCP game.

Right now they are JUST plans and they may change depending on reception or implementation.

Main Story / Campaign

The idea for the main story is that the player will be controlling a newly recruited foundation agent.

From here, the plan now is that the agent is an SCP himself and their"ability" is that time reverts back to midnight of the day they died. The game-play reason behind this is it will explain that when the player fails and the agent dies, they would continue to live and start the day over. The idea is that this would be much more immersive than having a save system as well as give a greater consequence to death (having to start a mission over) and making some of the scary levels even scarier as you won't have the ability to quick save every second.

A Day in the Agent's Life

Each day will start with the agent waking up in the morning in their room at Site 37. From there, he will have free reign to explore authorized areas of the facility. As the agent completes missions, he may be "promoted" to gain access to other areas of the facility as well (Daily Activities explained below).

When the player is ready, they will be able to go to their commander to receive information about the mission for that day. From there, they will board an aircraft of some sort that will take them to their mission. The idea here is that the cabin of the aircraft will serve as the "loading screen" and will allow the player to look around while they wait for the next area to load (more on this explained later).

When the agent arrives at their destination, they will go through the mission of capturing an SCP with the possible help of NPC agents in some cases. It is likely that the first couple of missions will be "easier" in order to let the player learn how the controls work and how each SCP may be obtained differently.

For example, some SCP's will be able to simply be picked up (Safe and some Euclid SCP's) and the level itself will be more "puzzle" based and the challenge will be gaining access to the SCP rather than the SCP itself. An example would be covertly sneaking into a secured building and evading security in order to obtain an SCP from a private collector.

Other SCP's may have to be dealt with by using force, such as an Euclid or even Keter SCP that can be incapacitated temporarily with a lot of bullets.

Each SCP will be somewhat different and the style of game play will change depending on what it can do, what it is immune to, and where it is located. One mission could have the player hiding from a very dangerous SCP while trying to figure out how they can capture such a thing while another mission could be as simple as run-and-gun.

After the mission, the player will return to the aircraft (or other means of leaving) and return to base.

There, they will be debriefed on not only their mission but other missions that were carried out in the same day (after all, one agent can't be responsible for capturing every SCP). Again, the player will be free to explore the facility for as long as they wish.

When the player wants to end the day and "hard save", they will return to their room and sleep. The next day will then begin.

One reason for this format is that we should be able to add missions as we please in the form of content updates. This way, we can release the game as it is being developed. More on this later.

Site 37 Daily Activities (Other than the main missions)

There will be various optional activities around the facility that the player can take part of. One idea is to have a Virtual Reality Training Simulator in the training area which will allow the player to replay missions under the guise of training and simulation. Again, this allows players to replay parts of the game while also giving a viable reason for being able to do so maintaining immersion.

Players will also be able to simulate containment breaches of any SCP that has been captured thus far as well as look at the 3D model of every SCP they have captured with an explanation of the containment procedures, description of the SCP, and what it is capable of in a "museum" mode.

The training area will also have other rooms such as a shooting range where the agent can test out various weapons that they may use on their mission, an obstacle course that will explain other game play elements (such as an ability to climb walls, basic controls, swimming, etc).

Other things such as mini-games may be included as Easter eggs or just as additional content (such as a usable arcade machine in a break room).

Site 37 as Temporary Containment

Right now, the idea is that Site 37 will only house SCP's for a limited time before they are sent to their permanent homes at other facilities. Site 37 is strictly for the capture and initial containment of new SCP's. Doing this will allow us to explain why every SCP will travel through the facility (allowing the player to see them at some point even if another team captures it).

In the game, we plan to have three levels in the facility, each dedicated to each danger level of the SCPs (Save, Euclid, Keter). The player will be able to go down and view the SCP's in their containment cells until they are shipped out on a different day. Depending on the limitations of the engine, we will have a certain number of SCP's that can be housed but they will always be cycling through.

For example, the player would go collect an SCP and bring it back. While he was doing so, other teams collected several other SCP's. When the agent returns, all of those SCP's (including the one he captured) will be housed at the facility and the player can view them in their cells. The next day, the same thing happens but now when the agent visits the containment cells, most of the SCP's that were there the day before have been moved to another facility and replaced with that day's captures.

This will also give us a chance to have a containment breach scenario during some days under the explanation that during transfer, an SCP broke free and now the agent will have to capture it again (though it will likely be an SCP the agent has not yet captured in order to keep the game from being repetitive).

Procedural Loading

Again, immersion is very important and in order to maintain immersion, we want to get rid of any loading screens we can. Loading from the facility to each mission and back will take place in the cabin of the transport aircraft that the agent takes to and from each mission while going from floor to floor in the facility will load while the player waits in the elevator, etc.

Content Updates

Making a game with a limitless amount of SCP's requires quite a lot of time and effort. Since this project is only a hobby and not full time, it will take even longer. We really want to get the game out into player's hands and to do so in any timely fashion, we need to let them play it as we work on it.

We figure the best way to do this is to adopt an episodic release structure with each content update (different from bug patches) adding more SCP missions, more things to the Virtural Reality Simulator, more story, etc. There are plans to also include "secret" updates that will include more Easter eggs or smaller things that will not be in the update notes. Bug patches won't be planned and will be released to fix any bugs that arise with each update.

The idea is that this will not change too much of the game each time and the player's save file should stay intact.

Instead of the game having an "open world", it will be more like having the facility as a smaller open world that serves almost as a lobby that will then allow you to do other activities and missions. The main story will be told on certain days before, during, or after missions and will continue in an episodic format. For a quick analogy, think of most games as movies that have a beginning and an end. This will be more like a television show that does have a beginning but it can still advance the story and plot without a definite end in sight.

Initial Release

The first version of the game is planned to include:

  • The game's introduction which will explain the agent's capture and recruitment into the foundation
  • The necessary areas of Site 37 such as the training area, aircraft hangar, virtual reality simulator, player's room, etc.
  • A handful of Missions to get the player started.

From there, we will then work on more missions to release as content updates while also patching any bugs that may arise. The main idea is to take advice from the community playing the game in order to make it better and to make it more fun.