Site 37

About Site 37

Very early UDK rendering of Site 37's lobby.
Site 37 is the location that most of the game will take place in (hence the title of the game). It will be a multi-level facility with a lobby on the main floor and separate floors for each type of SCP (Safe, Euclid, Keter). Each of the SCP floors will have 10 holding cells each. Site 37 is the main processing site of The Foundation and every SCP that is captured makes their way through this facility.

Decisions about Site 37 (Game and Place)

Site 37 as a Processing Facility

The decision to make Site 37 the processing facility for The Foundation was due to story and game play reasons. Since Site 37 does not exist on the official SCP Foundation website, the developers are able to utilize a freedom of creativity. Since the idea is to allow the player to interact with every SCP, there needed to be a reason that every SCP showed up at once facility. Explaining it as a processing facility seemed to be the best way to achieve this believably. Also, trying to house the hundreds upon hundreds of SCP's in a game world would be very difficult and would require multiple loading areas and maps. To keep resources to a minimum, it was decided that 10 per level would be housed at the facility at any given time. When an SCP is captured when a level is full, that level will bump an SCP to make room with the story explanation of it being transferred to another facility.

Design of Site 37

Currently, the plan is to make Site 37 a completely underground facility with the above-mentioned levels for each SCP classification. There will also be offices, research facilities, and even residential and commercial areas for the scientists, agents, and their families. Site 37 will basically be an underground city. There are other plans to make the residential and commercial areas above ground and walled off with very tight security similar to that (if not even more) of Area 51.

Technology in Site 37

The Foundation has access not only to powerful SCP's but also powerful technology. However, since the technology is unheard of to the general population, it will be limited to the facility. The player will have to make use of currently available and known technology in order to keep suspicions minimal toward The Foundation from the public.

Genre / Main Game Type

Site 37 will reach across many various genres as each mission and SCP can be vastly different and provide a different type of gaming experience. Some SCP's will be heavily based on puzzle solving while others will be a run-and-gun type of mission. Some others will be horror based, where your weapons are not as effective against them.

The game will be structured around an agent that was captured by SCP and actually is an SCP himself. His SCP power is that when he dies, the world resets to 12:00AM that morning, essentially making him immortal. However, anything he changed that day will revert back since it never happened. The main reason for this "power" is to explain how saving and loading will work in this game. When the player loads a game, they will be waking up in their quarters. They will then have free reign over Site 37 until they choose to do the next mission. There may be a save before the mission to limit frustration of accomplishing things at the facility. However, there will likely not be any kind of saves or checkpoints in missions themselves (this will hopefully cause the player to be more cautious as well as scared). We could also increase or decrease the amount of save points according to difficulty levels. After their mission, the player will then have free reign over the facility again until he goes to his quarters and sleeps. The game will then save and continue onto the next day. There will also be a random (low) chance of a containment breach when free-roaming the facility. The idea is to keep containment breaches in this game mode fairly rare.

Other Game Modes

Other than the main campaign, there are plans to make two other game modes: Breach Mode and Museum Mode.

Breach Mode will allow the player to select up to a certain number (yet to be determined) of SCP's that could cause a containment breach. The player would then re-capture (or incapacitate) the SCP's within the facility.

Museum Mode will contain every SCP that we have in the game. Some SCP's will simply be a page that you can read about that SCP (with the text and stories from the SCP website) with a 3D model that the player can spin around with their mouse (such as weapons in the Skyrim inventory). Others, however, will have modes where the player can see them in action. The mode will allow you to send in D-Level personnel to show off what the SCP can do. Plans are that players can also switch to these personnel if they choose. If/when the D-level individual dies, the player will be returned to their researcher outside of the cell.

Every Single SCP?

Yes and no. While we want to give the player access to every SCP that is on the official website, we also understand that there will be some SCP's that won't make for any exciting or entertaining levels. Therefore, we will likely skip these SCP's and explain that other agents collected them while you were out collecting one yourself. For instance (THE NUMBERS ARE ARBITRARY, THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE), SCP's 002 - 010 could be at the facility and you are sent to collect another. When you return, the SCP you collected actually ended up being SCP015 (instead of 011). SCP 011 - 014 were collected by other agents and would be in their holding cells. The player could then view these SCP's and information/files about them.

Game Releases

The idea is to keep this game very episodic both in story and releases but still have fluidity if multiple updates have been released before you play. The way we plan to accomplish this is to release missions/SCP's as we make them. This will allow the players to play our game while we are working on it, always trying to get more updates to them and let them have something to physically do. Currently, the first release is planned to be a tech-demo centered around an optional tutorial that will be included in the final game. From there, we will continue work on Site 37 and some SCP's and missions.

Due to the episodic nature, the main story line will somewhat resemble a TV show with each update telling a little more of the story while having its own sub-plots that begin and end. The main story, however, will likely never end as there will not be any "end boss". Each mission will be like a small game in itself where the SCP is basically the boss.

Seamless Loading

Currently, the plan is to include some kind of seamless loading to where the player will only see one loading screen and that is before they start the game. Other than that, we would use other devices (such as elevators / debriefing van rides) to take place of loading screens and keep the feeling of immersion as high as possible.