The Agent


Any or all of this story may be playable during the introduction of the game before he becomes an SCP agent. In the very least, it is planned to be told to the player through cinematics

The agent is a former spec-ops soldier for the United States Government. He discovers his unique ability when, during a mission, he is killed. He wakes up in his bed that morning believing it was a very vivid dream. However, he soon figures out that the day is progressing the exact same as his dream and even dies again. When the pattern continues yet another time all on the same day, he avoids his death and continues living. From here, he figures out that he seems to wake up on the same day that he dies. He even goes as far as killing himself a few times to test out his ability.

A couple of years after he leaves the military, he meets the love of his life, marries her, and has a daughter. Tragically, they die [IN A WAY THAT IS VERY DIFFICULT FOR HIM TO STOP]. He kills himself multiple times in order to attempt to save his family but is never successful and must . On his last attempt, he is abducted by the foundation and due to the abduction, he forever loses his 24 hour window to save his family.

Still stricken with grief and now anger at his kidnappers, they give him the option to work for them and catch other SCP's as his power is invaluable and other than his training, he is no real threat to humanity. He is told that if he chooses not to work for them, he will be locked alone in a concrete cell for the rest of his life and even when he does manage to die, he will wake up in the cell again, essentially spending eternity there. Though it is tough, he decides he must now work for the people he hates and that ultimately prevented him from ever seeing his wife and daughter again.