Virtual Reality Training Simulator (VRTS)

The Virtual Reality Training Simulator (VRTS) is a state of the art machine hooked into a large server that contains the records of various SCP's, how they were contained, interactions with D-class personnel, and more. The agent will be able to use the VRTS at any time he is in the facility in order to better understand the nature of SCP's as part of his training.

What will the VRTS be for?

Currently it is planned to render various virtual simulations used for training of agents.

The player will be able to use the VRTS to do the following:
Replay missions - Explained as recorded through agent's headset and other surveillance in monitoring the missions
Play other recorded missions/containments that the agent was not part of
Virtually view a model of each SCP as well as read information about that SCP (virtual museum of sorts)
Simulate possible containment breaches of choice SCP's
View D-class interaction records from a researcher's standpoint (or recording)
Simulate a D-class interaction by playing the roll as D-class personnel interacting with some SCP's
Basically anything that doesn't fit in with the story but we want to include in the game will be explained through the VRTS.

Replay Missions / Other Missions

After completing a mission, the data from each agent's helmet as well as other surveillance done by the Foundation will be uploaded to the SCP servers. In order for agents (new and old alike) to experience containment procedures without the risk of life or limb, they are allowed to enter a simulation of the containment process of each SCP.

Virtual Museum

Originally, this game was planned to simply be a virtual museum with interactive models (think Skyrim inventory for example) and the text that goes with each SCP. Purely just another way to read up about SCP's. Soon it evolved into an actual game with missions, story, and more. The Virtual Museum will essentially be what this game was originally planned to be. It will contain data on any SCP we have added to the game including their model, possible photos, containment procedures, descriptions, interactions, and more. This mode will be purely for looking at models and reading up about SCP's. The models will not attack you.

Containment Breaches

SCP containment protocols don't always go as planned and there is risk for some of the more aggressive SCP's to attempt escape. By allowing our agents to simulate an escape in a facility, we can better plan for any possible escape and be one step ahead.

D-Class Interaction Records

Almost every D-class interaction with an SCP is recorded and uploaded to the SCP data servers. By allowing our agents to view these interactions, they can better understand the way these SCP's interact with humans. This can become very valuable in the field, especially during any containment breaches.

D-Class Simulations

What is better than watching already recorded interactions with SCP's? Simulating one with our agent as the D-class personnel! This is another way for our agents to experience the nature of SCP's first hand without harm.

Anything else!

This game will have its own story of the SCP Agent and in order to maintain some reasonable realism, we can't expect that he personally obtained every single SCP. However, as SCP fans ourselves, we want to see as many SCP's in this game as possible. The VRTS is our way to keep story continuity while also including every SCP we possibly can without having to drastically change the story for any SCP. The VRTS, in its nature, is the explanation of why the player is able to experience SCP's he never physically sees. We thought this was a much better method than simply having a separate menu or some un-explained method that would diminish some of the immersion of the game.